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Jute moot

Hers is just one of the many feel good stories that K. Srikanth shar Rolex Watches es from his experience of working with SHGs through the NGO, DHARTI (Development of Hessian Articles Research and Training Institution). It teaches women to create jute bags, files, boxes, jewellery and other articles and then markets them through its outlets.

One of the outlets is the newly opened Jute Emporium on Trichy Road. is our fifth showroom. We have two in Chennai and two in Puducherry. Srikanth says his wife Rajalakshmi (who runs the NGO) and he are keen to the concept is eco friendly, low maintenance, versatile and, most importantly, economical. We wish more and more people became aware of this and used it more. It has trained women across Tamil Nadu, including Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Madurai and Cuddalore.

Anarkali from Coimbatore, who is sadly no more, but who ran a successful jute outlet near Town Hall, was one of the trainers. Women who work with terracotta are often left without employment in the monsoon months. The NGO has trained them in working with jute. As Rolex Watches a consequence, they are employed the year through.

Srikanth is so taken with the possibilities that SHGs can offer that he has written a series of articles for a Tamil magazine that was compiled into a book called

He says that it takes very little to set up women in the jute business and empower them.

Even small o Rolex Watches rders are enough to keep them going. In many places, corporates and individuals have realised this and they order in bulk for bags, file covers, boxes and so on.

order small bags for weddings as giveaways to guests. Jute files and box files are used for conferences, says Srikanth. DHARTI recently executed a big order for The Tiger campaign.

Jute Emporium has colourful bags in different sizes and shapes. There are wallets, jute jewellery, foot mats and wall hangings, some of them hand painted.

Besides bags, there are pencil boxes, letter holders, hair clasps, coin purses and mobile holders.

They make for reasonably pric Rolex Watches ed and elegant gifts. Best of all, they are value added, because every time you buy one of these products, you empower one woman somewhere. Jute Emporium also accepts orders for jute products. DHARTI is also ready to extend training to women SHGs in Coimbatore. Jute Emporium is located at 1682 B, Trichy Road (Near Donuts).