Rolex Replica Kids dish on their ideal lunch

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Kids dish on their ideal lunches

Ever wonder why your parents just can’t get lunch right?

When you want turkey on rye, you end up with chicken noodle soup, when you want peanut butter and jelly, somehow it always ends up being mac and cheese.

“With my first child, I used to be all concerned about nutrition,” he says. “All I worry about now is that it tastes good and he eats it. There is nothing worse than having a kid throw away an entire bag lunch, or trading it for two Oreos.”

Movies and television would have us believe it’s always mom in the kitchen making lunches, but that’s not the case for the Robinson family.

“Colonel Sanders makes the best lunch, but failing that, it’s my dad,” Jake says. “He always makes my lunch. My mom isn’t allowed in the kitchen it’s just bad for everyone.”

“Dad makes the best lunch,” Wyatt says, also giving his dad the best grade. Her mom always packs her lunches and she really Rolex Replica likes them.

“Once my dad made my lunch and he forgot to give me a spoon for my pudding,” she says.

“I like everything my mom packs in my lunch. I guess the only thing Rolex Replica I don’t like is when I don’t have a spoon to eat my pudding.”

But mom or dad, too many parents feel like their kids come home with a half full lunch bag.

“Take your kids Rolex Replica to the grocery store with you,” says Kris Wright, a teacher and mother of Wyatt and his brother Garrett, 10.

“Then they can pick out the things that they really like and you are OK with them having,”

Jealousy is a healthy human emotion, espec Rolex Replica ially when it comes to lunchtime snacks.

As it turns out, all kids get a little envious of the stuff their friends get.

Olivia’s brother, William, 10, says he wishes he got more junk food and sugary snacks in his lunch, just like his friends.

“There are a few kids who get Dairy Queen,” he says. “I’d like to have a Blizzard every once in a while.”

His sister, Olivia, wishes she got more kiwi in her lunch like some of her friends, but her mom doesn’t buy it often because her younger brother and sister think it’s too hairy.

“If you want to know what not to put in your kid’s lunch, swing by their school and look in the lunchroom garbage can to see what they are throwing away,” Ian Robinson says.