Rolex Replica Kids dig up dirt at City Hall

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Kids dig up dirt at City Hall

A group of Grade 3 students from Minchau elementary school got their hands dirty Thursday, helping harvest the first batch of compost produced at City Hall.

The dozens of kids were in charge of sorting the worms from the finished composting material and using that material to fertilize the flower beds and lawns outside City Hall.

“The whole thing has been inspiring, not just for the kids but for everyone at Ci Rolex Replica ty Hall who are now interested in the project,” said Mark Stumpf Allen, compost programs co ordinator with the city’s waste management branch.

“Many people at City Hall are taking some of the compost home to start their own bin, which is great.”

Since October, the more than 100 st Rolex Replica aff at City Hall have been discarding food, tea bags and coffee grinds into 13 stainless steel compost pails in lunchrooms througho Rolex Replica ut the building.

That waste was transferred to a two foot high plastic compost bin full of newspapers, brown leaves and worms in the City Hall parkade.

The project was not only fun and easy to do, but also great for the environment, Stumpf Allen said.

“Composting is one of the easiest ways to get rid of organic waste without handling and processing or putting it on a dump truck and taking it out to the big composter,” he said. “We are not only creating a quality product for the soil, but also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The kids we Rolex Replica re enthusiastic about helping out, and many, such as eight year old Ben Hickey, were not squeamish about holding slimy worms in their hands.