Rolex Replica Kids Can Put Themselves To Sle

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Kids Can Put Themselves To Sleep

Last night was a busy night, we got home from swim lessons for my three boys at 7:30pm and I went to work. I cleaned the kitchen, I took out the trash and the recyclables. I emptied the numerous bags of lunch and swim clothes that had collected that day. I had a nice long hot shower then sat down for my nightly yogurt snack and read the current SATC Vogue issue, looking over the article about the movie for the fourth time. I then sat down and wrote this blog post. All of these activities took place during that very busy, spine tingling, putting the kids to bed timeframe.

Does this sound like a mom on the edge trying to take care of her twin 5 year old and 9 year old sons while her husband is one a business trip? Noooo, this was the momumental week I finally discovered the secret: My boys CAN PUT THEMSELVES TO BED!

The week started Rolex Replica with a major mommy meltdown where I announced to my three boys “I can’t put you to bed tonight, I am exhausted and can’t see straight so you will need to put yourselv Rolex Replica es to sleep”. I took a major risk admitting defeat, my boys could have decided to swing from the ceiling and watch cartoons all night. Instead, I got lucky and my older son stepped up to the challenge and to making $1 per activity. In Super Nanny speak, I will call it the (in a similar English accent) “pay your kids to put themself to sleep while your husband is on a business t Rolex Replica rip strategy”. To be fair, this strategy works best when there is at least one older child.

In a move that I could on Rolex Replica ly have been brave enough to do while completely exhausted, I said to my 9 year old: “I know you want an Electric Guitar, well that will cost ya around $100″. If you want to earn that, you can very quickly by helping mom out while dad goes on his business trip. You will get $1 for each activity. If you wash yourself and help your brothers shower, that is $3. If you read books to them, you will get $1 per book. If you help mom with other chores during that week you get $1 per chore (like taking out the trash).”