Rolex Replica Kidnapping plot thickensDu

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Kidnapping plot thickens

Durban It has been claimed in Durban magistrate court that millionaire Yacoob Pandor asked the officer investigating his son Jameel kidnapping, to lie at the bail application hearing of five suspects.

Detective inspector Sagren Govender testified that Pandor said he would be able to provide false evidence which could suggest that the men would violate their conditions.

Jameel, 22, was kidnapped and held to ransom last month, but he was released unharmed, but heavily drugged, after two days. Govender told the court that during a meeting last Thursday, Pandor indicated he could arrange five air tickets in the names of the accused.

He then suggested that Govender testify that the men had plans of fleeing to Swaziland.

Govender claims Pandor faxed a letter to him, confirming the flight bookings.

“It was internet bookings and can be traced. The matter is subject to investigation,” Govender said.

Stopped by bogus police

After Govender startling evidence, the State changed its standpoint and granted bail of R10 000 each to Zahir Khan, 34, Sivandha Nariansamy, 36, Soobramoney Naidoo, 42, Megadasen Gounden, 32, and William Popewell Wela, 33.

Khan faces a charge of kidnapping while the oth Rolex Replica ers face charges of kidnapping, theft and extortion.

According to Govender testimony, Jameel was on his way home fr Rolex Replica om the family business on May 11 when he was stopped

by three men posing as policemen.

The State clai Rolex Replica ms that two of the bogus policemen were Gounden and Wela. The third man has yet to be arrested.

They allegedly searched Jameel, and took $20 000 and his cellphone, which was later used to demanded a $1m ransom from his father.

Jameel was bundled into the “police vehicle”, a white WV Golf with flashing blue lights, and taken to a property owned by Khan.

Dual agent

It was revealed on Monday that Khan acted as a “dual agent” and the “mastermind behind the job”, which he brought to his co accused.

Govender told the court Yacoob Pandor contacted Khan, a family friend, to find Jameel.

“Khan then introduced Nariansamy to Shabir Munsoor and Wah Wah Gora, both acting on behalf of the Pandor family.

“They told them the kidnappers demanded R2m, but negotiated a settlement of about R1.6m,” Govender claimed.

The men were given two bags, one containing R500 000 and the other the rest.

“Nariansamy was given the bag with R500 000 while Khan kept the other bag,” Govender said.

He added that he didn know what had happened to the money.

An identity parade was arranged for last Thursday. However, Govender told the court Pandor cancelled at the last Rolex Replica minute as his son was still traumatised.