Omega Watches Keith Ratliff’s Fanny Pack and

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Keith Ratliff’s Fanny Pack and ‘F

Last Thu Omega Watches rsday, March 22, Keith A. Ratliff strolled into the SSA office on the 13500 block of Omega Watches Aurora Avenue North wearing both a backpack and a fanny pack. He once again refused to let Tallmadge search his bum bag and headed toward the lobby with the security guard in hot pursuit. The pair grappled and fell to the floor, at which point Ratliff reportedly kicked the security guard in the head several times, eventually pinning him down. An office manager at SSA jumped into the fray, freeing one of Tallmadge’s arms. Ratliff, however, fought like a cornered badger. SPD arrived on the scene and arrested Ratliff, and he reportedly refused to explain his sid Omega Watches e of what happened except to say, “He jumped me. Watch the video, you’ll see, he jumped me.”Court documents say that as Ratliff was being hauled off to the federal detention center, he said, “If I had gotten his gun, that mother would be dead right now.”Ratliff is now charged with assault on a federal officer or employee, a felony. Federal prosecutors asked a judge to keep Ratliff locked up pending trial because he has “a lengthy criminal history of arrests and convictions going back to 1988. His history indicates he has substance abuse problems and mental health problems. He has failed to appear for court appearances on numerous occasions, and there are currently active warrants for his arrest that are outstanding.”Ratliff’s public defender did not return a ca Omega Watches ll seeking comment.