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Keith Ellison retweets message calling Mitt Romney

Wednesday, Ellison took to Twitter to ask his followers who uttered the following qu Omega Watches ote: “. even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work.” The answer to Omega Watches the trivia question? None other than presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.In response to the question, a Texan named Tammy Talpas offered up the following answer: “A heartless douchebag who doesn’t like animals or small children. At least that’s what I’ve heard.”Ellison retweeted Talpas’ tweet, meaning all the Congressman’s followers could see it. It stayed promoted for hours, until Ellison deleted the tweets containing both the Romney question and Talpas’ “D bag” reply yesterday.Conservative blog The Washington Free Beacon notes the irony of Ellison, a man who has a history of calling for civility in politics, resorting to using someone else’s incendiary language to take a shot at Romney.Here’s an image of the tweet, stamped with Ellison’s endorsement:Ellison, somewhat unconvincingly, claims through a spokesperson that the retweet was accidental. Yesterday, the Beacon quoted Ellison’s communication director, Jennifer Gore, as saying, “As with all Twitter accounts a retweet is not an endorsement. The congressman removed the tweet because it appeared to endorse use of a nasty term, which is not what we wanted.”That quote doesn’t directly say the retweet was unintentional, but today Gore is being more straightforward in making that claim.”Keith inadvertently retweeted something where some language was used regarding Mr. Romney, and that was not his intention,” she told the Strib.”That’s not language he tends to use. Or is it that 8.2% unemployment, 17 Millionfewer workers than w Omega Watches hen Obama Ellison took office, or the trillion dollar a year deficit, or the GSA scandal or the Secret Service Scandal or thegun running scandal, orLike Obama, Ellison is a Muslim. No education for woman. No driving for woman. Barefoot and in the kitchen with the three other wifes. Sharia Law over the constitution. Lie to everyone and say your christian, it is ok according to Sharia Law. Muslim Law will not replace our constitution. All the democrat woman better get a burka and read up on Sharia law. Eh Ellison?Not only that, but the enabling legislation for the Amendment has to pass the Legislature and be approved by the Governor. It’s unlikely that the Republicans will continue to control both Chambers after the next election.This Amendment could very well turn out to be toothless, and the enabling legislation itself could be tied up in Omega Watches the courts for a decade. I wouldn’t be betting on the Dayton Administration to strenuously defend it, either.Just a detail: it’s not the cost of the ID that is likely to be the deal breaker, but the cost of the birth certificate required to obtain the ID. Out of State birth certificates can cost over $50, and in some cases can require an attorney if the name has changed. That’s a significant barrier to voting.