Omega Watches Keith bans his kids from seein

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Keith bans his kids from seeing raunchy stage role

The dad of two told the Herald Omega Watches that he has banned his children from coming near the Olympia theatre duri Omega Watches ng the production’s week long run next month.

Keith, who regularly brings his young family along to see his Boyzone gigs, explained that on this occasion he is advocating an age restriction for admittance to his new show.

“I think the age limit for this show be the age of consent here in Ireland because it’s all about sex and I think the audience need to be mature enough to understand it.

“There isn’t a chance that I would expose my children to those stories at their age, there’s some that are rude, p Omega Watches < Omega Watches /strong>assionate, unfortunate, it covers the whole bag.

“Nobody ever talks about their first experience and generally people can’t be honest about it so the website is a great forum to get their stories out there. It’s been very touching, very sad and very emotional for me to read them sometimes.”