Rolex Replica Kidnapping plot thickensDu

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Kidnapping plot thickens

Durban It has been claimed in Durban magistrate court that millionaire Yacoob Pandor asked the officer investigating his son Jameel kidnapping, to lie at the bail application hearing of five suspects.

Detective inspector Sagren Govender testified that Pandor said he would be able to provide false evidence which could suggest that the men would violate their conditions.

Jameel, 22, was kidnapped and held to ransom last month, but he was…

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Rolex Replica kidnapping and sexual assault

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kidnapping and sexual assault

Michael Rafferty has been found guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping and sexual assault caus Rolex Replica ing bodily harm in the death of eight year old Victoria (Tori) Stafford. Justice finally came for Victoria Stafford late Friday when a jury convicted Michael Rafferty of taking, raping and killing the eight year old girl in a secluded Ontario field more than three years ago.

It took the nine…

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